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Nov 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
:00 p.m. be sure to join us tomorrow night at 11:00 for the results. >>> and tonight a bill protecting the rights of the gays and the lesbians could clear the full senate bit end of the week. and it is called the employment non-discrimination act. however, they need to face the dim prospects in the gop- controlled house. but the speaker, they are proposing it, leading to the lawsuits to hinder the job creations. >>> well, 73,000 marylanders, i should say, they just got some bad news. and it is their policy, that it will be the affordable care act. now, if you fall into this category, you can buy a different policy from the insurer. and if they are in virginia, filling it out here for them and it turns out that you are in no better shape than those using the website. the congressional oversight committee for them there. and that you'll have to go through the website and the applicants for the record to fill them out, it feels like they were making progress. and the white house says that it was never the intent to have people think about the paper prospect that would be any faster. >> th
Oct 31, 2013 11:30pm EDT
royalty lately, ladies and gentlemen. it is king tempt-a lot-of us. >> [ inaudible ] >> just arrived from georgetown and we're going to send him back. >> oh, man. happy hallow obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, all tricks, no treat, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) >> dave: nice to see you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the program. happy halloween, everybody. (cheers and applause) the by the way, congratulations to the boston red sox! what do you think of your current world champion -- world series boston red sox. (applause) the m.v.p. was david ortiz. what have a series this guy
Nov 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
to a second woman a short time later. >>> there's a story that's been getting lavl us in our newsroom talking, and a lot of others too. two people raising money on a crowd funding website to make a prototype of something they call antirape under wear. >> that expression has a lot of people puzzled as well. debra checked it out as well, and it's a horrible crime that strikes someone else every two minutes. >> reporter: the creators of this antirape under wear wouldn't talk to us on camera and don't give their last names on their fundraising site. it's up to you to decide. this has a lot of people talking and not all of it's good, and that can be an understatement. >> are we going to wear something over our mouths so that people don't force us to perform oral sex. >> reporter: strong words about a product touted for its strength. the creators say the underwear cannot be ripped, torn or pulled down. only the wearer knows the combination. >> we want them to feel safer on a first date or a night of clubbing. >> i can see this product being a major disaster where as opposed to getting raped now you
Nov 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
down this afternoon. deborah alfarone tells us how this rile lent day played out. >> reporter: police say this incident didn't even start here. it started at an intersection off mall property where two cars were edging each other out. but did it end up back here in absolutely the wrong way. >> as human beings, we are ridiculous. >> reporter: on a busy shopping day a bloody scene, all over the most seemingly simple thing. >> it appears to be a dispute over who had the right of way at an intersection. >> reporter: police say this car, now smashed and crumpled from an unsuccessful get away was being driven by a man who not only add car seat, but also a knife. >> it was maybe five inches. >> reporter: they say that man pulled his car over, got out, and stabbed two people he had a beef with in this car. police are now questioning that car's driver. police say the man with the knife drove off but not before hitting this car and ending up in police custody. it was quite a scene in the middle of the day. >> we saw a gay down. we saw a guy in a sweat shirt walking up and down, making a lot of
Nov 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
of destruction for just one van. thanks. >>> operations paused at hundreds of u.s. airports today. that's where we look at the most important moments from the top stories of the day. a moment of silence today in honor of the tsa officer killed at l.a.x. one week ago, the alleged gunman, a south jersey man remains hospitalized in critical condition. >> not that any of these guys has a vote, but today the loudoun county board jumped into the debate over the redskins name one day after the d.c. city council did the same thing. >> the washington redskins do not play in washington. >> it's just time to change the name. >> all this talk about concussions hits home for our bruce leshan whose son was on the gridiron tonight. >> reporter: so if i said to you noah, i'm too scared. you can't play anymore, what would you say to me? >> i'd have to just turn you down on that one. >> have you checked gas prices? the average in virginia is $3.07 and we found a few stations where gas is under three bucks a gallon. >> hiring is up, so is unemployment and stocks hit an all time high again today. >> the dow gaine
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5